Carly Reiter has two children in elementary school. She has been very active in her children’s education and hopes to expand that role as a member of the School Board.

Reiter is an advocate for specialized programs within the district. Both of her children are involved in the Spanish Immersion program and she feels students stay engaged in their studies when focused in a particular area. Overall Reiter feels the highest priority for the district is the teachers. Sioux Falls schools should invest in the teachers who in turn are investing their lives into the children they teach.

Reiter Explains Why Sioux Falls Should Invest In Teachers

Reiter also notes that being wise with funds is essential for Sioux Falls Schools to function properly. Energy efficiency is one avenue that the district uses to be thrifty.

Reiter Gives Example On How The District Saves Energy

In addition, Reiter is a little skeptical with the concept of technology for the youngest of students. Technology will be used during the formative years, but Reiter wonders about the loss of collaborative skills in exchange for using the gadgets.

Reiter Is Hesitant To Have Youngest Students Embrace Technology

Reiter is currently an oncology nurse at Sanford Hospital. She is a Sioux Falls native and went through the entire system from K-12 in Sioux Falls graduating from Roosevelt High School.