Sioux Falls Police Department Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says authorities are trying to find two drivers involved in separate hit and run accidents.

"Witnesses told us the vehicle is a four door blue car. They believe it was two Asian or Native American men that were inside the car at the time. We believe the front of the car has some front end damage as well as a smashed windshield. At this point, we don't have any tips. If anybody sees a blue four door car with front end damage or broken windshield we want them to call police."

In another accident, Clemens says as of now the driver is being sought by police.

"We had a Chevy Tahoe that was driving the wrong way on Ralph Rogers road, left that roadway and was starting to cross Minnesota Avenue when it hit another vehicle. The Tahoe continued and made a semi circle---went back on Ralph Rogers Road. It went through some trees before it stopped. The driver took off. We were able to talk to the owner and a passenger. We believe we know who the driver is but haven't found him yet."

If you have information on the hit and run accidents, Clemens urges you to call police.

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