Sioux Falls Police Spokesman Sam Clemens says firearms were ripped off from two unlocked vehicles on Monday.

"This is really an ongoing problem. We have seen it for a number of years and trying to get people to lock their car doors. The handguns are probably a little bit recent where people are leaving the weapons in the car and then forgetting to lock the doors. Somebody comes by and steals those guns."

Clemens says the stolen guns can be used to commit a crime.

"We had a recent example where a gun was stolen from an unlocked car in Sioux Falls. It was used in a drive-by shooting in Chicago. There is really no way to know what somebody is going to do with that gun when they steal it. The best thing to do is this: take the gun out of the car and put it in the house at night. That way if you forget to lock your car you don't have to worry about the gun being used in some other crime."

Clemens says the two guns were taken from vehicles in the central and east side part of Sioux Falls.

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