Another report of a man exposing himself in Sioux Falls. Police Spokesman Sam Clemens says the latest incident took place early Wednesday morning outside Caribou Coffee in the east part of Sioux Falls.

"We had an employee that saw somebody outside. When she happened to look she saw a man had pulled his pants and underwear down. He was naked from the waist down. He was outside the store by the window," explained Clemens.

"The employee says he was a white man with some type of mask or bandana covering his face. Once they made eye contact, he took off and we are still trying to figure out who this person is."

Clemens says the employee did the right thing by contacting police right after it happened.

"The best thing people can do is to report incidents like this. Sometimes officers are already in the area and they can catch people while leaving. Obviously, this is something we want to know about and find this person."

It's not known if the suspect is connected to previous cases of indecent exposure.

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