Captain Loren McManus with the Sioux Falls Police Department provided details of the latest crimes in the city at the Police Briefing on Thursday (September 20) including a stabbing involving two co-workers, a port a potty lit on fire, and two people wanted in the death of a man whose body was found near Renner.

Aggravated assault

The incident began at 11:00 PM on Wednesday (September 19) at 1900 w 41st Street where the victim and suspect work together at a business. There was a property dispute about an item taken from a car. The victim went to his residence nearby. The suspect followed the victim home, an argument ensued, and the suspect stabbed the victim with non-life threatening injuries.

Druckenmiller, Louis R, 26, from Sioux Falls was arrested for aggravated assault.

Port a Potty Fire

1:20 this morning (September 20). An officer was driving by the 300 block of South Main, when a call came into police about a potential fire, with a port a potty on fire in the garage of Washington square. The surveillance camera showed a person walking to port a potty, walking away, and the fire engaging. An officer identified the suspect from previous experience, located him a few blocks away, who had a lighter in his possession and arrested him. 1 count reckless burning and intentional damage to property.

Gruenewald, Aaron D, 48, a known transient, had a lighter in his possession. He was charged with 1 count reckless burning and intentional damage to property. The motive is uncertain at this time.

Captain Blaine Larson: update on Thornton's body found on ditch road on Tuesday morning.

Police have developed additional people to talk with about a timeline.

A female was with Thornton on September 18 just after midnight, in SF 4th and Cliff. Thornton called for a ride, a car pulled up with a female driver, male passenger seat. Thornton got in back and female, driving in east Sioux Falls, near 10th and Mable, male in front had an altercation with Thornton still in the back seat. Male shot Thornton in the back seat, 2 rounds, one struck Thornton. The female in the back seat with Thornton bailed out of the moving vehicle. A 911 call at that time and location confirms the woman’s story and there are no charges.

The female driver is being sought Kelsey Rachel Roubideaux (roo’ bi doo) DOB-6-15-95. 5’4” 180 lbs, tattoo on left side of the neck and Roman numeral “IV” (4) by eye, tattoos on hands. The warrant is for first-degree manslaughter. Police are also looking for a male who was in the passenger seat, in his 20’s, dark comp lection, who may have a tattoo on his neck. Police believe the suspects are still in the area.

The suspect’s vehicle has been recovered in Sioux Falls, police are processing that and the description or location have not been released due to the ongoing investigation.


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