Officer Sam Clemens provided the details from the most recent Sioux Falls Police Log.

Police responded to 4500 E 42nd Street in Sioux Falls for a car possibly set on fire. Investigators are still reviewing the cause and any motives. The car was 25 feet from an apartment building in a parking lot. The call came in on Tuesday (August 28) at 10:11 PM.

Burglary: Police say a man was trying to get in to his x-girlfriend’s residence near 14th and Marion at the 600 block of South Marion Road, just after midnight this morning (August 29). He allegedly kicked down the door after knocking and no one answered. The mother of the girlfriend chased him away. No one was injured. The man was charged with simple assault, under age consumption and burglary. Police did not provide the name of the man.

A boy was waiting for a bus Tuesday morning (August 28) near Mari Car Drive and West 9th street, with his mom keeping an eye on him from her home. An elderly woman with white hair drove up to the boy with her window rolled down in what the boy described as a red “Jeep-type” vehicle. The woman asked when the bus would arrive and offered for the boy to wait outside of the rain in her vehicle. The boy declined and the woman drove away.

More counterfeit bills were reported in the last 24 hours. Three separate businesses reported $100 fake bills.

Larcenies included a bicycle stolen, shop lifting, and a stolen firearm from a vehicle. The person reporting the missing gun said he had been on a trip to Western South Dakota and does not know when and where his firearm went missing.

The Police department Street Crimes Unit followed up on a suspicious internet ad and met a woman at an undisclosed location in Sioux Falls. 33 year old Erin Louise Roasting Stick, a transient was arrested for prostitution and possession of meth.

Vandalism included tires, a laptop and broken car window.

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