Sioux Falls Police report a North Dakota man was shot after an attempted carjacking Friday night.

Police Spokesman Sam Clemens says the shooting took place by the Red Rock Inn on 41st Street.

"We had a man and a woman that were inside their car outside the hotel," Clemens told us. "The driver's door was cracked slightly. While they were inside talking---all of a sudden a man came along, opened up the door. He started punching the victim in the head telling him to get out because he wanted to take his car."

That's when shots rang out!

"The victim had a concealed weapon with him. He was a concealed weapon carrier from a different state. The man was able to reach into his pocket, pulled out the gun, and shot the man twice. Once the suspect was shot, he took off running. The victim along with several other people called 911 to report the incident. Officers found the victim nearby. He was taken to the hospital and now faces robbery charges."

Clemens says the suspect remains in the hospital.

"The injuries were non-life threatening. He is expected to make a recovery in the next day or two before being released. The victim had some injuries after being punched in the head several times. But nothing serious."

Clemens identified the suspect as 34-year-old Edward James LeBlanc of Bismark, North Dakota.

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