Tell me this isn't a great idea. New Year's Eve everyone gathers in downtown Sioux Falls by the Statue of David for the yearend 'Pheasant Drop'. A big plastic Pheasant on a pole slowly descends to a year-end countdown as everyone kisses and cheers. Remember, you heard it here first.

Does any city in South Dakota drop anything at midnight on New Year's Eve?

Lots of cities and the nation drop a lot of cool things to celebrate New Year's Eve. According Wikipedia here is what other folks are dropping rather than a ball on New Year's Eve.

  • Bangor, Maine will drop a beach ball decorated with lights
  • Baltimore Maryland will drop a disco ball.
  • Duluth, Georgia - a disco ball called the Soaring Spirit Ball is raised
  • Terre Haute, Indiana will drop watermelons
  • Atlanta will drop an 800-pound peach.
  • Port Clinton, Ohio is dropping a walleye fish.
  • Mount Olive, NC will drop a pickle
  • Hershey Pennsylvania will drop a Hershey's Kiss.
  • Tallapoosa, Georgia will drop an opossum
  • Kokomo, Indiana - an aluminum 70-Pound Ball with 34,000 lights is dropped
  • Vincennes, Indiana - watermelons are dropped
  • Havre de Grace, Maryland - a wooden duck is dropped
  • Brasstown, North Carolina - The Possum Drop. A plexiglass pyramid containing a living opossum is lowered from the roof of Clay Logan's convenience store. The possum is turned loose at the end of the celebration.
  • Elmore, Ohio - a sausage will be dropped
  • Cincinnati, Ohio - a flying pig is "flown" - not dropped, confirming there is at least one occasion "when pigs fly".
  • Akron, Pennsylvania - A purple-and-gold shoe is dropped
  • Beavertown, Pennsylvania - a beaver is dropped
  • Cleona, Pennsylvania - A pretzel is raised
  • Frogtown, Pennsylvania - A frog is dropped
  • Hummelstown, Pennsylvania - A lollipop is dropped
  • Ickesburg, Pennsylvania - A french fry is dropped
  • Mobile, Alabama - A giant electric Moon Pie is raised
  • Flagstaff, Arizona - A pine cone is dropped from the balcony of Weatherford hotel.
  • Key West, Florida - A large ruby slipper, with drag queen Gary "Sushi" Marion inside is dropped
  • Easton, Maryland - A crab is dropped
  • Ocean City, Maryland - A beach ball is dropped
  • Eastover, North Carolina - A three-foot tall, thirty-pound wooden flea is dropped
  • Dillsburg, Pennsylvania - Two pickles are dropped
  • Lebanon, Pennsylvania - A 100-pound stick of Lebanon Bologna is dropped
  • Richland, Pennsylvania - A cigar is dropped
  • Bartlesville, Oklahoma - An olive is dropped

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