Sioux Falls murder suspect Jared Stone was arrested following a five state high speed chase.

"The U.S. Marshall's Service and the Sioux Falls Police Department reached out to law enforcement partners in Nebraska and Wyoming," according to U.S. Marshall Service Chief Deputy Scott Rolstad.

"This led to a high speed pursuit---shots fired by Stone toward a Nebraska state trooper. That ended when with Stone's surrender on Interstate 80 in Wyoming. We all knew that Stone was likely armed and dangerous. Through the investigation, he clearly demonstrated this to not only the communities he was in but to law enforcement as well."

Rolstad says more work needs to be done in connection with the case.

"There are some investigations that continue into who aided fugitive Stone. The U.S. Marshall's Service and the task force partner agencies along with other state law enforcement continue to work in piecing together various parts of the investigation."

Sioux Falls Police Captain Blaine Larson says two women assisted Stone following the Friday shooting. 24-year-old Mercedes Red Bear was arrested on Wednesday. 31-year-old Desiree Marya Sully is still at large.

Stone is charged with first degree murder after the death of a 28-year-old man.