A Sioux Falls man was charged with filing a false report after police arrested him on suspicion of drunk driving, then lying about contracting the deadly virus Ebola.

According to a Sioux Falls police briefing Tuesday morning, several agencies were involved after a male subject was arrested in the area of 10th and S. Spring Avenue who was quite visibly intoxicated. After striking a sign and passing out in the drivers seat, he was taken to jail where he disclosed to officers that he was out of the country recently and has had contact with people who had Ebola. He told officers that he believed he was "suffering from the Ebola virus."

Further investigation proved that he had not been out of the country and the entire report was false.

The 28-year-old Sioux Falls resident, Komouteh Arnold Toe, was charged with a misdemeanor false report. Officers also found a small amount of marijuana in the vehicle.

Police spokesperson, Sean Kooistra, said the entire incident involved several agencies including contacting the CDC, and seeking restitution is something officials are considering.

The latest figures on Ebola, as compiled by the CDC as of October 31st, 2014, confirms 13,567 cases world-wide with the death toll standing at 4,960.