A Sioux Falls man is charged with felony domestic assault and other offenses after an incident with his wife Wednesday night.

Police officer Sam Clemens says 28-year-old Lane Alan Severson assaulted the woman after she returned home from being out with a friend.

Clemens says Severson pushed his wife down but she ran outside, and as she did, he ran down the steps and tackled her.

He says once she was on the ground, Severson put his wife in a "sleeper" hold and kept her from breathing for a time.

Clemens says Severson left, and his wife called police.

He was arrested later, after fighting with officers near Interstate 229 and East Rice Street, on charges that included second-offense DWI, domestic aggravated assault, simple assault and aggravated assault on law enforcement, resisting arrest and protection order violation.

Clemens says Severson believed his wife had been cheating on him.