I still watch and love 'American Idol.' I was watching Wednesday night's Minneapolis auditions when Zach Johnson from Fargo, ND auditioned and received a golden ticket to Hollywood.

As he was leaving the audition, he told judge Keith Urban that he was going to try to go to Urban's concert for Sanford, "in Sioux Falls." Urban played a private concert for Sanford and First PREMIER Bank employees October 24 and 25, 2014.

Now, first of all, most singers or bands have no clue what city they're playing next. They just show up at the location, play their songs and move on to the next city.

Not only did Urban acknowledge there was a concert for Sanford, but KNEW he was playing two days and even said to Zach "see you in South Dakota."  Keith even knew what state Sanford was in!  I've heard many other singers talk about not knowing where their next concert stop is.

Urban even promised to get Zach up on stage to sing a song and he delivered.  Were any of you at this concert and saw this?

Here's the video from Zach's Wednesday night audition.