The Girl Scout Cookie season has just started and they have announced this year's new cookie. It's a delicious cookie called 'Lemon-Up'. And when I say delicious I speak with personal knowledge having finished off a half a package of cookies.

The Lemon-Ups are described as 'Crispy lemon cookies baked with inspiring messages to lift your spirits. Each cookie is imprinted with an inspirational message such as:
-I Am Gusty
-I Am Creative
-I Am Strong
-I Am Bold
-I Am A Leader
-I Am A Risk-Taker
-I Am An Innovator
-I Am A Go-Getter

The Lemon-Ups are round, crispy lemon wafers with a layer of glaze on the bottom and motivational phrases stamped on the top.

For 2020 the cost of most boxes of Girl Scout cookies will cost $4. Specialty cookies such as Toffee-tastic which are gluten-free and S'mores which are naturally organic and non-GMO will cost $5.

If you want to find out more about Girl Scouts in and around Sioux Falls contact Girl Scouts Dakota Horizons.

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