Sentiments are being floated in the wake of the City of Sioux Falls City Council decision to charge a fee to protest a parking ticket. Some liken the $5 charge to a nuisance. Others consider it a wall keeping government isolated from its constituents.

A cross-section of opinions from constituents include: 1) Are alligators and moats next? 2) The constitutionality of the measure is of great concern. 3) Due process should not come with a cost. 4) Innocent until proven guilty has been turned on its head. 5) Governmental tyranny imposing their will on the people. 6) The Council is doing this over $1245. (based on the fee times the amount of tickets protested per year)

Six Council members voted in favor of issuing the fee.  The caveat is that if you are successful in your challenge a refund is in order.  Should there be a fee or let the challenge be free?