The City of Sioux Falls is making it easier to find public parking spaces in Downtown, and pay for them, too. .

After Labor Day,  universal signage for public parking will appear. The top of the photo above shows the confusing currents signs. The lower part of the photo shows the new look.

Downtown parking staff will have new uniforms. All vehicles, including those unique scooters will have "wraps" showing the new logo.

A new mobile site to assist visitors and residents find parking spaces has been created. Soon you will be able to pay your monthly parking lease on-line. Also, paying for off street hourly parking will take technological steps forward.

Parking staff employees are learning new and friendlier customer service techniques.

Radio ads promoting the ease of finding and using downtown parking spaces are on the airwaves.

In the Main Street Ramp, two electric car charging stations have been installed. No charge for usage, at this time.

The public parking system downtown is operated as a city enterprise department. It is NOT subsidized by sales or property tax dollars. Revenue to operate the system comes from monthly parking leases, hourly fees in the ramps, parking meters, and those pesky tickets we receive when we stay a few minutes longer than we paid for.

There are approx. 12,000 parking spaces downtown. 3500 of them are controlled and maintained by the city.

According to Darrin Smith and Matt Nelson, who manage this department, studies are being done to determine the location and size of another ramp in the downtown area.