Sioux Falls city council voted in favor of adopting a resolution for the city to support a more inclusive community. The resolution was presented by Councilor Pat Starr Tuesday night (Tuesday March 20).

COMMUNITY. WHEREAS, the City and residents of Sioux Falls establish that the City is an inclusive
community, welcome the contributions of all sectors, and celebrate our diversity; and
WHEREAS, both the state of South Dakota and the City have made important advances in the
struggle against racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia, and related intolerance...this City Council of democratically elected representatives represent and support all members of the community and condemn acts of hate, violence, or discrimination.

Input was given by many individuals who supported the inclusion of diversity including Advocate and Attorney Taneeza Islam. She cited 14 recent incidents of unfair treatment by those of diversity and praised the efforts of city council considering the resolution.

Mark Blackburn, Dean of diversity at Augustana University spoke in favor as well. He cited students who had been made aware of white supremacy recruitment posters being circulated at several universities and the fear it created.

Of those who approached council, all residents supported the adoption of the diversity inclusion resolution. The vote was unanimous for Sioux Falls to proclaim the resolution as their own.

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