Local coffee houses shape the political scene in Sioux Falls. Viewpoint University was able to get immediate response from citizens about the City Administration Building.

City leaders have proposed a nearly $22 million building and are ready to sell up to $25 million in bonds to pay for it. Judge Mark Salter ruled that City Clerk Tom Greco was right to invalidate the Stop the Funding group’s petition drive.

While hearing of the decision at the Black Sheep Coffee House, Student Eric feels like it’s a blow to the citizens.

“I think there is absolutely nothing more important than citizen’s ability to trust in their government. The citizens who signed that petition knew what they were signing. There’s no confusion there. I think the taxpayers should have a say in that. This is a sad day for citizen’s belief in government.”

Student Pat was in agreement as he senses a will stronger than the people at work with the proposal.

“It’s vitally important that people feel like it matters. There’s a brute element to this that I sense. I see some sort of force that’s not really that accountable. It’s just not a pleasant thing to see.”

In an email statement, Stop the Funding says they respect the decision of the Court in this matter and will continue efforts to bring about changes to the way Sioux Falls city government responds to the citizens.

If no other challenges are made, the City is eligible to issue bonds for sale starting in October.

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