A 16-year-old homicide suspect is behind bars after 18-year-old Arick Strauser was found dead in Sioux Falls.

"It sounds like our victim was out walking," Police Captain Blaine Larson explained. "This was around 10:30 P.M. He encountered a group of five kids right where he was found. It sounds like he initiated the contact by yelling some things at these five kids including profanities. They came over and an argument ensured. One member of this group began to beat the victim up. He gave the victim a pretty good beating - fists and kicks. There were no weapons involved that we determined. They took some of the victim's personal property and left him laying there."

Larson says the suspect is being held in the Minnehaha County Jail.

"The suspect is segregated from the other inmates because of his age. In reviewing this with the State's Attorney office they are still waiting to decide what to do. They want to review the entire case before determining what other charges will be coming out, whether he will be treated as an adult or as a juvenile. That has yet to be determined."

Larson says a video of the beating was posted on social media.

More charges are expected as the investigation continues.

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