Jason Folkerts has had a busy summer.  Recently he was one of the featured artists for Chalk the Walk, where he made Iron Man come to life on the pavement of downtown Sioux Falls.  The same weekend he created portraits of Lifelight artists as a fundraiser for the local YoungLife Chapter.

On September 26th, Folkerts plans to continue his plans to intentionally teach students cartooning and comics at Rainbow Comics in Sioux Falls.  He talks about his passion for art and creativity.

I have been a professional artist since High School. That's a lot of years sitting at a drawing desk. To this day I get excited about a blank piece of paper and a pencil. Oftentimes I have no idea what is going to happen when you combine those simple objects - but I know it will trigger my imagination and creativity. Once in awhile it can even transport me to another world where, as I tell my friends, the problems and concerns of this life drift away.

To me that's the power of creating and getting absorbed in something that you truly love to do. I am not sure if you are born with artistic talent or its a learned activity through practice, maybe both. But I do know that everyone will gain a great deal by allowing themselves some time with paper and pencil and the willingness to start doodling.

Thank you Jason for sharing your talents with Sioux Falls and inspiring the next generation of artists!


Jason Folkerts