Sioux Falls Mayor Mike Huether and Finance Director Tracy Turbak announced the results of the recent citizen survey. In January 2013, 3,000 randomly selected Sioux Falls residents received a survey questionnaire asking for their opinions about the City, and the results were extremely positive.

“The survey shows that the people of Sioux Falls are thrilled to live here and are pumped about our future,” says Mayor Mike Huether. “While our work is never done, the survey reaffirms that the efforts of our 1,100 hardworking City employees are noticed and appreciated.”

Of the 3,000 surveys, 941 were returned. About 93 percent of respondents answered that Sioux Falls was an excellent or good place to live. About 90 percent of respondents answered that the quality of life in Sioux Falls is excellent or good.

The current citizen survey also indicated areas in which the City has improved since the last survey in 2009. The areas respondents felt were improved the most included:

  • Street repair
  • Code enforcement
  • Park and recreation programs
  • Economic development services
  • Land use, planning and zoning

“The survey shows that Sioux Falls compares very favorably to the national benchmarks of similar-sized communities,” says Finance Director Tracy Turbak. “People enjoy living here, and we have made great progress over the past several years in areas like infrastructure and programming.”