Tom Bosch, the Chair of this year's Sioux Empire United Way announced the goal of the campaign was exceeded by nearly $70,000.

$9,948,988 was raised this year. The goal was $9,871,641. The Sioux Empire United Way has exceeded goal for many years. The Sioux Falls catchment area for the United Way is listed as the second most giving, per capita, in the country. An area in Florida is number one.

Forty-seven agencies will receive United Way Funding. Those agencies will in turn offer 95 programs which will affect the lives of nearly one in three people in our area.  People in Lincoln, McCook, Minnehaha, and Turner Counties will benefit from this successful campaign.

On the contribution side are 700 companies and over 30,000 individuals.

Because of the success, a new initiative, "Challenge Day" will provide area middle and high school students with a one day program focusing on empathy skill building.