Have you noticed those flashing white signs around Sioux Falls. You know, the ones that are close to railroad tracks?  I think they also have them just off the driveways of some of the fire stations. Wait. That's a stupid question. Of course you've seen them.

A couple of the signs that come to mind are at the bottom of the bridge as you come down off the overpass headed east on 26th street. That rascal will just about through you into a seizure if you get stopped at the right angle.  But it does it's job. It serves as a reminder to not park on the railroad tracks.

With that in mind, that's what I was thinking when I saw this video. Now this video was shot in the daytime, so I'm not sure how helpful it would have been. It does serve as a reminder that, 'yes there is a reason you shouldn't park on rail road tracks.

As you notice signs I'm talking about here in Sioux Falls, remember what happened in this video. Then all you have to do is imagine what the outcome would be with a real locomotive.