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Here's Why You Shouldn't Solely Rely on the Sirens
When three tornadoes hit Sioux Falls late Tuesday night not all of the sirens went off. People were upset by this because, in the opinion of some people I have interacted with, that is their only cue to seek shelter when a tornado comes. That is an incredibly short sighted and dangerous plan.
Sioux Falls City Branch Drop Off locations
"The City will be opening two tree-drop-off sites in town. The first is near the Street division campus, located at 1000 East Chambers Street. The second site is located just north of 12th Street and Lyons Boulevard. "
Sioux Falls Tornado Damage 09/11/2019
Tornado storm images of 41st street and surrounding locations of the storm that went through Sioux Falls on Tuesday, September 09/10/2019. The significance of the damage was not seen clearly until this morning 09/11/2019.