Sioux Falls police are continuing to look for leads in multiple shootings. Police Information Officer Sam Clemens says that any tips and information about the shootings in recent weeks are welcome.

There have been three shootings in the Sioux Falls area that have one thing in common; there are no leads. The shootings have taken place on South Lyons Avenue, 13th Street & Willow Avenue and West 6th Street.

Police say it is hard to tell if there is large public concern. Clemens says that there is no evidence telling if the shootings are connected, at random or coincidence.

“Someone knows something,” said Clemens, “If we could only get the right tip we will know more.”

Anyone with information about the shootings should call the Sioux Falls Police Department at 605-367-7000. If you would like to remain anonymous you can contact Crime Stoppers at 605-367-7007.