A Sioux Falls man was arrested for several offenses after police say he tried to shoplift a package of chicken wings Monday evening.

Information Officer Sam Clemens says it was after 6:30 pm Monday when a man came into Franklin Food Market, at 711 North Cliff Avenue, and allegedly concealed the package of wings in his backpack. He says the shopper picked up a few other items, went through the cash register line and paid for them, but he did not pay for the wings.

Two employees who had seen the wings confronted him, and a struggle ensued when the man did not want to stay for police.

At one point, Clemens says the man grabbed one of the employees and restricted his airway for a time, but the store workers were able to keep him from leaving.

Clemens says 32-year-old Hisham Rawi, a transient from Sioux Falls, was eventually subdued and arrested for shoplifting, aggravated assault and simple assault. He says a 27-year-old employee's airway was restricted and an 21-year-old employee had scraped knuckles, but their injuries were not serious.

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