Usually, temperatures will begin to rise in late January in Sioux Falls and begin a steady climb all the way to summer.  Unfortunately, we are no where near usual this year.

It’s not theory.  The National Weather Service keeps records on this stuff.  On average, the high temperature drops to 26 degrees on December 25 and hovers at that level for 27 days.  By the end of February it should be melting every day according to the plan.

Plans change.  The average high temperature in January 2014 was 26 degrees this year.  As of February 25 the monthly high has been 23 degrees with the forecast for the final days of the month as you might guess, chilly.

We hit 50 once this month.  Whoopie.  It’s possible that we will have as much below zero weather in February 2014 than we had all of last year’s winter season.

Plus in early March, a possible weather a cold weather event could happen that hasn’t been done in almost 100 years.  Spring is coming…at least on the calendar.