Doug Morrison wants to serve another term.  “The community has invested 6 years in me and sometimes I feel like I’m still learning every day.  I’m energized by it.”   

The current Board President has served 6 years on the School Board, but did have a break before his second term.  “I took a year off just because I had a lot of things going on at work.  I just didn’t think for that year I could devote the time I needed to be on the School Board.”

A common campaign theme among candidates in this election is lack of public input.  Morrison is steadfast in his case for gathering information before deciding.  “I think the (Sioux Falls School) Board has been open to hearing from the public.  When we did the redrawing of the boundary lines (in November 2013), the first plan we went in there with is not the plan we ended up with.”

Morrison's two grown children both graduated from the Sioux Falls School system.  For a full picture of Doug Morrison, check the links below for various segments of the interview.

Segment 1: Morrison is asked about his accomplishments and struggles.

Segment 2: The Morrison Profile extends from CA to SD. He is a Chief Financial Officer of a local bank.

Segment 3: Common Core discussion and trying to dispel misconception.

Segment 4: Morrison Uninterrupted to ask for your vote.