It wasn’t as exactly a scene from Avengers: Age of Ultron, but more than what people expected Friday afternoon on West 12th Street. A big rig caught a power line, snapped a pole and started a business on fire.

The driver of the semi snagged a power line with the truck shortly after 2:00 PM Friday afternoon in a private drive off 500 South Ebeneezer Avenue. Before he realized it, a pole holding the line snapped and the live wire wrapped around the truck.

Once the power lines went down, Sioux Falls Polices says a fire started from the electrical line that spread to Tri-State Cemetery Services. The building did catch fire and sustained some damage. It is initially unclear to the extent of damage sustained in the fire.

Power was knocked out to an estimated 1,800 customers affected according to Xcel Energy. Traffic signals along 12th Street from I-29 to Marion Road and as far south as 18th Street and Marion Road were also darkened for a time. Power was restored by late Friday afternoon.

The driver of the semi was 33 year-old James Schulz of Spirit Lake, Iowa. Fortunately, he was not injured.