OK, here we go. A few months ago we got a little teaser for the new James Bond movie, but Wednesday this showed up online; the first full trailer for Spectre.

When we last visited the office of MI6, a new M was taking over with Moneypenny outside his door. Let me take a minute here to praise Naomie Harris who plays Eve Moneypenny in Skyfall and Spectre. I first saw here when she played Selena in 28 Days Later. She played a tough but practical survivor in a real way that stayed away from generic horror movie tropes. Her take on Moneypenny is a fresh and wonderful. She is not desperate for Bond's attention, she is not the butt of old man jokes. She is an active, competent part of the team.

In this first real look at the the new film we see that Bond is chasing a secret from his past that is connected to the present. We also see that 007 gets a sleek new car and that Q seems to have a big part in the movie too. And of course there's explosions, kissing, fighting, guns and a skiing plane.

Daniel Craig is back as Agent 007, Christopher Waltz plays the mysterious guy in the trailer and Ralph Fiennes is "M."

Spectre hits theaters November 6.