Since the winter is not over, the risk is great of piling on more abuse, but sometimes you need to face reality.  Not to spoil the surprise, but yes the 2013-14 winter season has been terrible. 

According the the National Weather Service, the last day of reaching the 50 degree mark in Sioux Falls was November 20, 2013 when the mercury topped out at 52 degrees.  That marks 90 days and counting including February 18.

Let’s trot out the temperatures that transpired since then to give you a clear picture of a tough winter.  Over the aforementioned 90 days, the average high was surpassed 36 times.  Also, the temperature dipped to 0 or below on 42 of those days.  BRRRRRR!!!

The previous winter wasn’t exactly tame because the stretch of days between 50 degree high temperatures was 97 (December 6, 2012-March 14, 2013).  However, the temperature only fell to 0 or below only 18 times.  The lowest temperature recorded was -9 on January 21, 2013.  In the current season, the low temperature reached double digits below 0 on 15 occasions.

Overall snow accumulations this season are in line with normal totals from the past.  Supposedly, that could be construed as a “redeeming factor.”  Sorry no moral victories accepted here.