There is a video that has gone viral that is generating some skepticism. Take a look at the video. What do you think? Real or Fake?

In San Francisco, Nathalie Rollandin set up her GoPro video camera to take video of the sun over the Golden Gate Bridge. Well, a sea gull decided that he could get Nathalie a better view, snatched up the camera and flew off.

The camera continued to roll as the seagull flew out over the water, before turning back and "conveniently" dropping the camera on a nearby porch. She commented on her video page that she was amazed that her camera survived the trip.

Of course, not everyone is buying the legitimacy of the video. Some are saying that the video was in fact staged as a promotion for the GoPro camera.

"Anyone else catch the random shadow that appears on the 43 second mark? Id say viral marketing still a Nikon fan lol" - Steve Hewlett

"FAKE. Notice how there's a similar video with the same tone/mood as this one. And both video's are titled 'GoPro Stolen by Seagull' or 'Seagull stole GoPro' If it was not a viral ad...the video would've been named 'camera stolen by seagull'. And interesting how the only camera seagulls like to steal are 'GoPro' cameras.- icognito01

But, Nathalie does have her defenders.

"I personal don’t believe that this is a fake video just look for Seagulls stealing on you tube, they have no shame they'll take anything if they think its food. The great thing is the accident of it thinking the camera was edible makes for such an amazing video I love how it shows how the bird flies and how it lands, its also funny how it pecks the camera and flies off when it realizes it's not food." - Jinuniki

"Looks legit to me, you can even hear the bird pecking at it in the end.  The reason he returned to land is because he couldn't eat it hole, so he went to land to try to eat when he realized it was just to hard. So he flew away into the sunset to find something else to snack on." jcrockout