You can argue all you want over the high prices this season when it comes to buying Christmas gifts for your family and friends.  But will it really do any good?

Why not use the tried and true practice of haggling?

If the thought of asking a salesperson for a lower price makes you nervous and uncomfortable or it's just not you, go ask your grandparents.  Chances are, back in the day it was common practice between them and guy who sold farm machinery.  Or the lady who did sewing for a living.  Or even the person they went to every week to buy groceries. recently conducted a survey and found:

43% of U.S. adults are at least somewhat likely to consider haggling as a tactic to save money on holiday shopping this year.  69% of adults said they have haggled in the past.
And for those who said they would never haggle, 38% said they didn't think it would work and it would be inappropriate and would be embarrassed.

If you work up the courage to haggle over gift shopping this season take a suggestion from me.  Invite one of your grandparents to go with you.  If not for the subtle snicker they may offer but for their shrewd advice.

Remember, if you don't ask. . . .?