Areas of the northeastern United States are feeling the effects of Sandy, and for some, those effects are going to stick around.

Consolidated Edison said Tuesday the power would be back on in Brooklyn and Manhattan within four days, but for other boroughs it could take a week.

And that's just one aspect of a storm that has killed at least ten in New York City and at least 17 fatalities in seven states.

This is the storm that caused a record 13-foot storm surge in the Big Apple, according to the Associated Press and the most damage to the subway system in 108 years.

By now you've heard of the sinking of the tall ship HMS Bounty, a 50-year-old replica that was built for the "Mutiny on the Bounty" movie. One person who was rescued died, and at mid-day Tuesday the captain was still missing.

More than six thousand airline flights had to be canceled, Amtrak service had to be suspended and 80 to 100 houses were destroyed by fire in the NYC borough of Queens.

Imagine all of the individual stories from this storm that we'll never hear about.

But for many people, Sandy is the storm by which all others will be measured.