We need to spread the word that tomorrow is National Salesperson Day.  It's always observed the second Friday in December.

I encourage you to just sit and think about it for a moment - how important sales people are to our economy.  Granted sales techniques and methods have changed over the years, but without sales people, - nothing moves - and this country comes to a screeching halt.

I'll use the radio station as an example.  Without our salespeople - who by the way are the absolute best I've ever worked with - there are no commercials, which means there is no paycheck for those of us behind the mic.

And without those commercials, merchandise in area stores doesn't move off the shelves; which then ultimately affects those who work at that particular business - and so on and so on.

It's the same thing in a factory setting; you can make the best widget in the world, but unless you have someone on the front line selling that item, they're nothing more than a paper weight.

So I encourage everyone to thank a salesperson tomorrow, whether they're in your office or in a store you're shopping at.  Because without them, your life - and mine - would be pretty empty.

Thank you salespeople!