The race is on for the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by South Dakota Democrat Tim Johnson.  Former Governor Mike Rounds made the announcement 24 days after the conclusion of the last election.  The announcement signals the perpetuation of the election process of which many are already weary.  Widespread speculation was rampant long before it was made official that Rounds was going to run.  However when you are victorious in previous races, it allows you a little benefit of the doubt on your practices.

On day one, the Democrats are playing their hand.  The South Dakota Democratic Party twitter feed was quite busy following Rounds’ announcement.  The messages formed a running account of the former Governor’s time in office.  Some of the information revealed included: 1) “Rounds escalated the scandalous practice of conducting state business through the use of no-bid contracts.”  2) “State spending increased a stunning 53 percent during Rounds’ tenure.”  3) “Rounds hired a very highly paid DC lobbyist during his tenure. Our federal delegation never saw him work.”  4) “South Dakota fell to the bottom and ranked last in wages of all states in America under Gov. Rounds.”  5) “Rounds froze all state employee salaries – except for his top 19 executives, who got huge bonuses.” 6) “Rounds used state airplanes for personal use then after media outcry, he quit publishing his itineraries.”

That’s a partial list of the Rounds’ Greatest Hits, but the topper is the South Dakota Democratic Party lifting a quote from one of his announcement speeches then adding what they really feel.  Read it here.  It’s going to be a long two years.