(Courtesy International Vinegar Museum)

It is a product with over 150 uses around the home. Vinegar is fit for human consumption plus a cleaning agent.

However, is vinegar worthy of museum status? Apparently the community of Roslyn, South Dakota affirms that notion with the International Vinegar Museum. Mary Wagner is curator of the hotspot and this weekend is the Vinegar Festival.

If you are considering a side trip, Roslyn is in northeastern South Dakota along Highway 25 north of Webster. The museum got its start from Lawrence Diggs the “Vinegar Man.” He moved to the community with his vinegar and prompted the town to provide space for his vinegar collection.

Mary Wagner Explains The Origin Of The Vinegar Museum

Contrary to popular belief, there is more than just white and apple cider vinegar. The Vinegar Museum boasts an assortment that numbers more than 300. Wagner says that vinegar is similar to wine in that you can make vinegar out of a variety of substances. Someone even had the nerve to experiment with a vinegar-flavored ice cream.

Wagner Tells About The Museum’s Unique Assortment Of Vinegars

The Vinegar Festival in Roslyn is slated for Saturday June 22nd featuring a parade, cooking demonstration and the crowning of the Vinegar Queen.