When you break it down using this method, it makes the list a lot more intriguing.  Also, it can be a source of pride or disdain for the state in which you closely associate.

A list revealing the richest people and their net worth in each state is making the rounds.  Note, this is not the 50 richest people in the U.S.  If you are billionaire, but made one dollar less than the richest person in your state, sorry pal.  Six of the fifty are women and one of them is a politician (not Mitt Romney).  Forty one of the 50 states have at least one billionaire and Wyoming is last on the list by quite a bunch (about $370 million less than #49).

Topping the list of course was Bill Gates who is the richest dude in the state of Washington.  His price tag is $64.5 billion.  Other names on the list that you should know include Nebraska’s $49.6 billion man Warren Buffett  (#2), New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg (#6), Nike founder Phil Knight from Oregon (#10), and Tom Benson who owns the New Orleans Saints of Louisiana (#37).

Regionally, South Dakota’s T. Denny Sanford clocks in at #38 with a net worth of $1.3 billion.  Minnesota’s Pauline Keinath of the Cargill family is #27 at $3.7 billion with Iowa’s Dennis Albaugh with $1 billion at #41.  North Dakota’s Gary Tharaldson is almost a billionaire at #42 and John Martin of Wyoming is only $210 million, which as mentioned is last on the list.  Where does your state rank on the list?  Find out here and see who tops the charts.