I didn't live in the Upper Midwest when the Mall of America opened in Bloomington. But, even in the southern panhandle of Nebraska, we weren't immune to the hype surrounding the opening of the largest mall in the United States.

Groundbreaking for the Hugedale mega mall was in June of 1989. Doors opened on August 11, 1992. The mall is built on the site of the former Metropolitan Stadium, where the Vikings and Twins played until 1982.

Thanks to YouTube we can relive that day in '92 with this news report from Minneapolis TV station WCCO. The news team is broadcasting live from the mall in this video, giving a preview of the layout. Reporter Sinvia Gambardells has a report about some of the out of the ordinary things to be found for sale, like at Bare Bones where you can find skeleton replicas. She also reminds us to 'shop around' (cue song!).

Watch the video for more '92 mall flashbacks and remember 'There's a Place for Fun in Your Life, The Mall of America!'


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