Receiving thoughtful input is appreciated. All of us want to know how we are doing in our jobs and elsewhere.

Last week, we interviewed Bishop Paul Swain of the Eastern South Dakota Catholic Diocese. A listener took the time to write about her reactions to that interview and also a comment on "A Better You" which I host  for Sanford Health on Saturday Mornings. Here is what she wrote:

Hi Rick – this is a few days late but I somehow never seem to get to the computer when I need to. I had wanted to tell you I very much enjoyed the interview you had with Bishop Swain. I learned things I did not know and I was really impressed with him. I changed my mind in some ways about him and I am glad you had the “guts” so to speak to have him on. I think it would be a little difficult to have a celebrity of his category on or anyone like that such as even the governor. I have never met him personally. I have been to Mass when he has officiated  but that is it. I have changed my viewpoint about him a little. Anyway, I did enjoy the interview and he sounded like he was enjoying it, also. I do hope you will have him on again. He did not sound as formidable as he seems and really rather humorous. Anyway Kudos to you for having a very good interview.

Your “A Better You” was also good this morning. You are doing very well with this show and I hope people are listening. My dad also had prostate cancer but that was many years ago and they did not have nearly the treatments, etc that they do now. He died in 1995 of emphysema but he did not have any treatment or anything for his cancer. That did not seem to bother him. He was only 83 when he passed away but not  being able to breathe was harder than knowing he was living with prostate cancer.

Did not mean to ramble on but I did want to compliment you on having  Bishop Swain on and I think it was one of your better interviews except for the professionals you have on, on a  Better You.

Thoughtful input is always appreciated, including criticism. It helps us grow.