I remember the first week we moved into our 'then' new home.  My wife and I had just moved our three boys into our house. Everything was brand new to them and brand new to us. It was a fun and wonderful time.

When we first moved into our house the Harmondon Park in Southeast Sioux Falls, SD had yet to even start with construction. There were no homes to our south. NONE.  It wasn't that we were out in the country, we were just on what was the edge of Sioux Falls.

Every once in a while, when I was exploring the new neighborhood, I would come across an old mother cat. I noticed one day that somewhere she had a batch of kittens hidden. She looked thin and hungry. She wasn't very friendly, but looked like she needed help.

It wasn't long that mama cat reached out for help.

One morning while I was downstairs working at my desk I noticed a stir. My wife and three boys had three kittens out on the step.

I had no idea where they came from.

The boys were picking them up and holding the bigger ones.  At that time mama cat was still under the front step with her last baby.

"Can we keep them Dad?"

"Yeah, can we?" When my wife said that I knew I was in trouble.

After all we had a new house that still smelled new. We had carpets that were still nice and clean we - had to get a cat.

The last cat that came out from under the deck was the scrubbiest of the scrubby.  Of course, I was thinking about one of the big strong kittens, but the scrubby little female was the one everyone thought they had to have.

We called the Humane Society and they came and trapped the kittens. They never did catch the mama cat.

The lady came and loaded the kittens up and then the pressure started. Or should I say the sales pitch. We had to go get that little kitten. Yeah, we can call her Tillie.

At this stage I knew I was outnumbered. It was off to pick up Tillie.

Tillie still lives at our house. Or maybe I should say we live at Tillie's house.

The reason I took the picture of Tillie in the bathroom is because that's where she hangs out. That's where she likes to drink her water (we have a dish for her we keep in the shower).

Why the story about Tillie? Karla, who works at Mix 97-3, wrote a great story about a cat that could have a happy ending like Tillie had. Read this story and if you have a spot at your house, for a kitten like Tillie, go pick them up!

Pic by JD Collins-KIKN-FM/Sprint Sioux Falls