Trick-or-treaters will see cool but decent weather across South Dakota for Halloween this year. However, many Sioux Falls residents remember the famous Halloween Snowstorm of 1991 in which 12.1 inches of snow fell followed by blizzard conditions.

Chances are, you weren't pleased about the weather unless you were trick-or-treating dressed as an Iditarod musher.

On that day, 23 years ago, the tri-state area saw 100,000 people lose power because of the weight of the ice downing power lines, and in some cases it took up to a week for the power to be restored.



Many roads were closed both from the snow and ice, including long stretches of I-90 and I-29.

Highway snow removal was hindered by record cold temperatures that followed the storm and transportation was hampered for many days.

Nine hundred schools and business were closed in Minnesota alone.

The heaviest snowfall took place in Duluth, Minnesota where 37 inches of snow fell in blizzard conditions.