The United States of America in recent times is a place of innovation.  Numerous products and services that were conceptualized in this country permeate our lives.

One of these products that have been around for years could use a little tweaking to make our existence a little better.  Granted if you compiled a list of 1,000 items that could use a little redesign, a salt container would be about number 943 on the list.  However the next time you encounter this situation, you’ll probably say, “You know ol’ Peters was right.”

Those salt containers come with that safety label you peel off.  Underneath is that aluminum spout that lets the salt out.  It works pretty well until you try to get the final grains out.  That half-inch between the outlet and the side of the container traps enough salt to make retrieval extremely difficult.

Yeah it’s a nickel’s worth of salt that gets spilled out or wasted due to this faulty design.  Nonetheless, someday some whippersnapper is going to figure out a way to easily exhaust the entire contents of salt containers.  Then after that, let’s design flour and sugar sacks we can fully empty.