Red Lobster is whipping up a seafood-inspired take on chicken and waffles. The popular seafood chain announced that they are putting a spin on classic dish by replacing chicken and adding fried lobster. Its part of their Lobsterfest menu.

The lobster is deep fried . . . the waffles are made with their famous Cheddar Bay Biscuit mix . . . and you put syrup on top of all of it. I'm not sure if that sounds good or horrible, but either way, it's on sale starting today for a limited time. Now they're definitely not giving it away . . . it should run you around $20. There’s no specific end-date for the new dish. But leave your diet at the door because this menu item has over 1,000 calories.

Currently company has over 705 locations worldwide with its headquarters located in Orlando, Florida. So head on down to our location located near the Empire Mall.

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