It was a wild weather day in Sioux Falls Thursday. Rain seemed to drop in buckets leaving many areas waterlogged and some without power.

Starting with a light shower before 7:00 AM then picking up considerably around 9:30 AM rain settled into an area from south of Yankton to Sioux Falls. By 1:00 PM Sioux Falls had broken the single day record for rain of 1.5 inches on September 15, 1988.

During the early stages of the deluge Harrisburg High School reported being struck by lightning. No reports of injuries came from the event.

However, the continued run of showers between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM pushed the rain total past 3.5 inches in most of Sioux Falls. Areas in southeastern areas of the city captured over 6 inches with numerous intersections under water.

Sioux Falls Police issued a list of places to avoid until the waters receded posting barricades around the flooded areas such as:

• Western Ave from 26th to 49th Streets
• North 4th Street and Amidon Avenue
• Brookings Street and Menlo Avenue
• Grange Avenue from 33rd to 37th Streets
• Potsdam Avenue, Hainje Avenue, and 52nd St/North Lewis Avenue in the northeast
• Terry Avenue south of 41st Street
• Westport Avenue from 43rd to 49th Street
• W 49th Street from Louise and Westport Avenues
• 26th Street and Euclid Avenue
• 85th Street and Grange Avenue
• 53rd Street and Tribbe Trail

The bike trail was flooded and has been barricaded at Spencer Park and Nelson Park. Plus the Highway Patrol reported a portion of Northbound I-29 to Northbound I-229 was closed temporarily.

Nearly 6,000 customers were without power near 57th and Louise late in the afternoon with less than three hundred affected in a separate outage in central Sioux Falls. Possible lingering showers were possible into Friday morning, but the weekend forecast looked to be dry with a return to summer-like temperatures.

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