If you were to ask me what my favorite season is, hands down I will say SUMMER. However, with the temperatures slowly beginning to warm up, the pictures of seven of the most common bugs found in South Dakota is making me believe that maybe WINTER isn't so bad!

OnlyInYourState.com has come out with a list of at least 7 Common Bugs Found in South Dakota. If the left-over cooler temps from Old Man Winter doesn't put a shiver down your spine, these creepy-crawlers might just do the trick.

Source: OnlyInYourState.com

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    These little pests probably look meaner than they actually are. Earwigs are quite common in South Dakota, and they come with a myth that they burrow into people's ears when they sleep. Normally more active at night, however attracted to the light, earwigs usually live under mulch, logs and rocks. They can move into your home, however, looking for food or to escape the change in weather.

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    American Carrion Beetle

    The normal life cycle for an American Carrion Beetle is usually not very long, but they have a busy little life while they are here. Usually laying their eggs in the raw flesh of a carcass, these beetles are big fans of things that are already dead. As long as the carcass lasts, the American Carrion Beetle will continue to feed.

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    Hummingbird Moth

    When the hummingbird moth is not moving, there is a really good chance you won't even notice it's there. But during the summer months, especially at dusk, these giant moths that almost transform into hummingbirds, can be seen all over South Dakota.

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    There are two different ticks found in South Dakota: a hard tick and soft tick (and all the types that go with that.) Whether you find one crawling under your pant leg or on your favorite pet, these creepy and dangerous pests will attach to whatever host it seems fit enough to dine upon.

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    People in South Dakota probably HEAR these insects before they ever SEE them. Screeching cicadas can be heard all summer, but they really gain momentum in late summer and early fall. Interested in seeing a cicada? Well, you might not see one while it's alive, but there's a really good chance you could see at least the shell of one after they shed their exoskeleton on the nearest tree they can find.

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    Asian Lady Beetle

    Often called a lady bug, the Asian Lady Beetle is far from being very "lady-like". Often causing damage to crops, this beetle will also release a liquid when they are scared. This liquid not only smells bad, but can also stain.

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    Honey Bee

    Very common in the state of South Dakota, the honey bee can be found just doing what honey bees do naturally, producing and storing honey, or being raised by people as their hobby. Be wary of their stinger, and remember that these pollinators are also the state insect of South Dakota.