It was 2005 and who knew at the time that the future of the Green Bay Packers wasn't actually Brett Favre but it was a QB out of Cal that would fall into the lap of the Packers that would get them their next Super Bowl title.

I remember it like it was yesterday as the debate was simple for the #1 overall pick in that years NFL Draft, Alex Smith or Aaron Rodgers.

Once Smith went #1 to the San Francisco 49ers, the thought was that Aaron Rodgers would go shortly after that.

As we all know now, that was not the case. In fact, he would produce some of the most anguishing moments of NFL Draft history as we watched him get passed up by team after team.

Finally, the Green Bay Packers were on the board at #24 and they decided Aaron Rodgers was 'their" guy and made the pick to end the anguish of Rodgers and change their future forever.

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