When you talk to a farmer or rancher the one thing you know will come up in the conversation. Weather. Right after that will be the question, have you picked up any rain recently.

Farmers and ranchers put gauges up near their field. They have them out in the back yard and electronic gauges that display digitally. Rain fall is a big deal and many would say it's the only deal. The one number everyone watches pretty close.

This past weekend while walking out of church where, you guessed it we prayed for rain and good weather for crops I overheard a couple talking who had recently returned from a trip to the Black Hills. How was the weather?  Good, but hot and dry. In fact so dry we couldn't have a fire.

Rainfall across South Dakota, any state in the nation or anywhere in the world can seem almost cruel. Some get and some wish they did. If you check the charts from The United States Drought Monitor you see what I mean quickly.

Over the July 4th holiday I snapped this picture on the Samsung Galaxy S5 I use courtesy of Sprint Sioux Falls. These cattle near Armour are more than belly deep in lush green grass. I know from reports out west in the Hills and in the northeast corner of the state it's quite different.

If you're not a farmer or rancher I encourage you to keep an eye on the fields and an eye on the ditches and fields. With just a quick glance from mile to mile, you'll be able to see who's thankful and who's hoping they get some soon.


It's a good thing!

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