January is designated as Radon Month.  As we move into the February portion of the calendar it doesn’t diminish the harmful effects of radon.

Radon is a colorless, odorless gas that emanates from the ground and seeps into your home.  Midwestern soils are especially prone because of the region’s soil composition.  As the naturally occurring element of uranium breaks down in the earth the uranium converts into radon gas.  Thus if a high amount of radon gas seeps into cracks in the foundation or through a sump pump hole and gets contained inside a home, serious health problems can be the result.

Mike Hartman of Radon Mitigation Systems of Sioux Falls states that scientific studies show that one of the root causes of some instances of lung cancer is due to the existence of radon.  Lung cancer is usually associated with cigarette smoking.  Although there is no proven link, it’s possible to connect the dots from someone who has never smoked, but developed lung cancer by determining if that person lived in a house with excessive radon exposure.

The “silent killer” can be held at bay with a test for radon in your home.  Then if it is determined that the levels of radon are too high, a properly installed and working radon mitigation system is the next step.  Since radon is so insidious, it could be ignored or forgotten.  Just take this message and use it for you and your family’s well-being.