The South Dakota Legislature has until March 8th to decide the fate of numerous pieces of legislation.  As of noon Feb. 28 here is a status report on a few of the more visible and controversial proposals left:

Extending the waiting period for women to get an abortion, will be on the Senate floor soon.

Texting ban, died in the House Judiciary Committee Wednesday, after passing in the Senate.

Creation of a commission to regulate boxing, martial and mixed martial arts passed the house Wednesday. Governor may veto it. There are enough votes to over ride.

Allowing non-law enforcement people to have guns in schools(school sentinels) has passed both houses. some tweaking to be done to work out differences in house and senate versions

Two bills dealing with providing more safety and experience to aspiring teen drivers were defeated in a committee, but two others have moved forward.

Expanding Medicaid is still being discussed. That decision may not be made until the last day March 8th or veto day March 25th