Here at KSOO, we're introducing you to each Sioux Falls School Board Candidate.  Here are the five answers with Randy Dobberpuhl.  Don't forget to check out his bio below as well.

1)  What is one of the best things about Sioux Falls Public Schools?

I  am very impressed with how the Sioux Falls School District has embraced multiple pathways to education that will allow students a better chance at graduation. These various programs through CTE Academy and New Tech High make learning fun again for students.

2)  What is the most pressing matter that should be addressed in the school system?

I have met with teachers, administration staff, the superintendent, the SFEA president, and community members and there are two pressing matters that always get brought up: Teacher pay and the rise in behaviors in the classroom. We need to help our legislature by giving them creative ideas on how to solve the teacher pay issue. I think we will need to have discussions with the judicial system and with the current staff that are seeing the behavior issues. We need to come up with some solutions to help this group of students to achieve and reach an education that will benefit them in the long run.

3) What is your position on school year start times?

I have been telling people to vote with their heart and what they feel is best for their family. I am upset that it had to come to this because there are valuable resources and time being wasted here and other issues to deal with than the start date. This all could have been avoided with a simple compromise!

4) What is your favorite childhood school memory?

My favorite childhood school memory is from when I was in Mrs. Rahm's fourth grade class. She took an old claw foot bathtub and lined it with carpet and added pillows to it to. This made it one of the most comfortable reading environments in the building. The only way you could sit in the tub was if you were reading. Looking back, that was probably the most creative way I have seen someone to get a group of kids to want to read.

5) For a student who is struggling with that one class, what advice or encouragement would you give?

I would encourage this student to talk with his teacher or another student to ask for their help. I would try to reassure this student that we all need help at some point in our lives and that it is ok to reach out to others for that help.



My name is Randy Dobberpuhl and my family and I have lived in Sioux Falls since 2007. My amazing wife, Kersten, works for the school district and is originally from Sioux Falls. I have two wonderful boys, Coulter and Ryder. They both attend Harvey Dunn Elementary and Coulter is in 2nd grade and Ryder is in Kindergarten. I work for Minnehaha County Human Services as a case manager for the Safe Home program. This is a program that provides permanent housing to individuals who are experiencing long term homelessness in our community. I am also a committed volunteer for LSS as a mentor, The Big Brother Big Sister program and co-chair the government division for United Way. I am running for School Board because I have an invested interest not only with my two boys and my wife but also as a committed volunteer and community member to see that every student has a fair shot at an education.